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Our expert directors will help you select your Long Island tutor based on your specific learning needs, areas of strength and weakness, and personality.


Your Long Island tutor puts you first with personalized lessons that are effective and engaging.


Learning is personal. Your tutor will help you progress with a customized method.


Tutors in Long Island, NY can meet when and where is ideal for you.

A dedicated director will be available to ensure your sessions are progressing effectively.

Personalized Tutoring Works Better

...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


  • Tutoring sessions are personalized to each student
  • One-on-one teaching means students are more invested in their own learning
  • Ongoing feedback from your tutor helps you meet and exceed goals
  • Comprehensive session evaluations from your tutor identify your progress and areas needing improvement

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Our company is devoted to ensuring you receive a remarkable tutoring experience with your Long Island, NY tutor.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student finished reading Ch. 4 and doing the Ch. 3 practice exam last week. We went over her questions at the beginning of the session. We then worked through almost all of Ch. 5 together. I asked the student to finish Ch. 5, start Ch. 6, and do the Ch. 4 practice exam for next week.

This session, the student and I worked a lot on short vowel sounds. We started with some "easier" consonant exercises (beginning "p" sound and ending "n" sound). Then we talked about beginning vowel sounds and then made the transition to middle vowel sounds. She was picking up on it really quickly -- she's especially good at identifying "a" and "o" sounds, and knows how to spell "cat" and "dog" with no trouble at all! She's really improving her reading -- she can sound out many three-letter words and is starting to identify rhyming words on her own as well!

The student and I continued working on ACT prep in a variety of sections. She continues to do well in math, and the reading strategy we've been trying seems to work for her. In the future, we would probably do well to focus on English in the future.

Today the student and I started covering Organic Chemistry Topics. We were able to discuss types of bonds, different types of isomers, laboratory equipment and workings, and we discussed hydrocarbons and alcohols. We are focusing on the most important aspects of each topic. We also were able to practice some organic chemistry questions.

We wanted to make sure the student was comfortable with the material for her test on Monday. I wrote many worksheets and practice problems, and she was doing extremely well by the end.  

The student did a practice reading section.  We reviewed ways to skim the paragraph and to match the tenses in the rest of the sentence to figure out the answer.  The student also started a practice science section she will finish on her own.

The student and I went over her practice test. We also spent time working on ratios and percentages. The student is comfortable with both of these concepts! We also started to work through some more practice drills specifically focusing on negative numbers and order of operations.

We met on Monday to finish the student's presentation, to be done in class on Wednesday. She wrote the second half of her presentation in her own time, and we reviewed it together in order to edit grammar and spelling, practice pronunciation, and make sure that the sentences flow well into one another. She came to me with a very good draft (covering the work of the authors Stein, Hemingway, and Fitzgerald) so few changes were necessary. As for pronunciation, we focused on cognates that are tempting to pronounce the English way, but that have a distinct French pronunciation (experimentation, creativity©, generation, etc.) I think she has been working hard at her French, because she continues to show remarkable improvement.

The student and I met for our final session of GRE tutoring. We spent much of the session going over the student's weak points namely math and science. The student has shown much improvements in those areas over the past months. We ended the session by talking about test strategy. I advised the student to keep a mental clock going and to go into the test feeling confident. After that I wished her luck and we parted ways.

Today we went over the calculating of allele frequencies and probability problems involving Punnet squares. We also talked about the chi-squared statistic and what it means in evaluation of a null/alternative hypothesis.

Today I worked with the student on solving systems of equations. We worked through several different problem sets in which I strongly pushed him to develop his own conclusions/answers to problems. He is very quick and often draws reasonable conclusions independently.

The student and I planned out his time management schedule for the remainder of the summer and began brainstorming on what he can research for his long-term research project this school year.

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Each tutor has a track record of excellent results for his or her Long Island tutoring students. Personalized tutoring allows these students to grow academically and approach their studies with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.


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