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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student began reading the book "Bugsby".  Did a great job sounding out unfamiliar words.  Continues to benefit from more space between words and lines.  Played lingo game to work on beginning sound clusters.  She wrote a book about her swimming adventures from yesterday.  Did not confuse "then" for "when" when writing.  Reversed "p" a few times, as well as "m" and "w", and "to" and "ot".  Did a great job sounding out words.  Finished with a small book.

I met the student for the second day in a row to go over physics and trigonometry with him. Together we went over his physics homework, and I assigned him to do a couple of problems. Then we went over topics in trig that needed work, including techniques for factoring polynomials.

The student and I went over a previous test review and questions that she had. All the problems dealt with log properties: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, the circle trick, change of base formula, and natural logs. Our first session went well, and I think she understands the properties better and knows what to look for now.

The student has a makeup test for Algebra 2 tomorrow on polynomial functions, finding zeros, rational zero theorem, graphing, and synthetic and long division for polynomials. She has a fairly good grasp of all of the concepts; We did some basic algebra review such as factoring.

The student and I covered some math and a little reading.  We really focused on her upcoming English test.  She is very confident in labeling the naming part and the action part.  She reads very well, and I feel like this helps her a lot with the difference between what is a question, a telling sentence, a command, and an exclamation.  When she sees them on the page, she reads them really well, even when reading a chapter book.  Her math memorization is getting much better as well.

We covered matrices and limits, including the reduced row echelon form of a matrix, Gaussian elimination with back substitution, Gauss Jordian substitution, the inverse of a matrix, evaluating limits by methods of direct substitution, cancellation technique and rationalizing technique, and introduction to derivatives. For each topic, important points were discussed, homework problems were reviewed, and additional examples were given and solved.

Reviewed what we have learned during the last two sessions.

Learn 20 plus new words including several body parts, antonyms like big and small, 2 color words, some food words and animal words.

Introduced simple plural words like cats, feet, apples, etc.

Reviewed numbers from 1 to 10.

Reviewed the alphabet again.

We went over solving for the sides and angles of triangles using the law of sines and cosines. By the end of the session the student was very good at identifying which version of each equation he would need, as well as solving them for the variable needed.

The student got a lot done today. We went over the results of his online practice test, and then spent about 20 minutes going through the online flashcards for math. We then spent another 15 minutes doing the online flashcards for the verbal section. He did well with both. Lastly, we worked on editing some previous writing that he had done as we discussed the COPS strategy and blocking out surrounding sentences to catch sentence fragments.

We talked about what the student found challenging when she took the SAT in November. Based on this, we mainly focused on writing multiple choice and reading sections. We discussed specific grammatical principles (to be expanded on in future sessions) as well as overall test-taking strategies.

We spent time tonight going over the student's homework and going over a Math pre-test. Maurice struggled most with decoding words and writing neatly tonight. He was trying to categorize different words with digraphs. This will be a focus of lessons moving forward. I left him with a website to try that will help to develop his fluency. I do not have any serious concerns at this point in time.

Today we finished the second half of the final review, which included 72 problems. Topics included frequency tables, scatter plots, mean, median, quartiles, mode, variance, line of best fit and intersection of lines. We also reviewed how to work all of these problems on the student's calculator. Then we went on to graphing lines and inequalities, using intercepts and logic to determine the correct answers.

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