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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

I focused on verbal reasoning today - mainly getting student to identify the difference between things that are living and things that are inanimate objects. I assigned it as a "game" to play with her mother throughout the week. I checked in on her progress with identifying patterns. It took a bit of coaxing, but she was able to remember the name "pattern" when I pressed her. She mentioned that she hadn't played the "pattern game" too much during the week so I took her around her living room and kitchen identifying patterns. So far progress is good, but I'll need to focus on student's ability to answer verbal questions more reliably. Sometimes she prefers to only work on non-verbal puzzles and says "No more talking now".

Today the student and I did another practice math section. We decided to review ratios and percentages. She did several practice problems dealing with ratios and percent, and I am confident she will do well on those problems on the test. We also discussed the writing passage and some test taking strategies for the reading section. For homework she is going to do another practice math section.

Yesterday's meeting was a time for us to get to know each other. I introduced myself and my teaching philosophy to him. He also talked about himself and what he wanted to get out of the course. We practiced conversational Spanish for approximately 45 minutes and discussed books and lessons that we would work on during our sessions.

The student and I had a good first session! We examined the results of her practice test. She scores pretty evenly across the board. We were able to complete an entire math section, reading section, and writing section. For next time, she is going to review the remainder of the test and come back with any questions.

We worked with multiplying and dividing with decimals. We solved problems both by using traditional multiplication and long division with decimals and by transforming decimals into fractions. We practiced with homework and extra problems that incorporated decimals into longer multi-step equations.

In this session, we looked at the passe compose and the new verb Faire along with Faire expressions. We also began to hold part of the class in French and are beginning our work at expanding a basis for conversing in French.

The student and I went over his homework problems on integration. For each problem, he had to write up a four sentence explanation of his answer. We went over Riemann integrals, computing definite integrals using signed area, and computing partial sums. The student was able to pick up the problems quickly after some prompting, but he'll need to review the subjects more.

We started reading a book about Al Capone, and we will start reading Lord of the Flies on Monday. We looked up the definitions of his vocabulary words he is to know by next Friday. I also gave him five more words.

Today I had my first session with the student. He was studying for a test on fundamental trigonometric identities. We made good progress as we discussed how the different topics relate to the history of math, math in the real world, and graphing functions.

We spent the majority of this session reviewing immune cells and finishing his immune cell project. He rewrote most of his information that he had written and discussed the different cells as we went through the report. We also spent some time organizing his binder.

The student is perfect on converting decimals to fractions. Great work with addition/subtraction of mixed numbers with just some occasional trouble with simplifications. Great job on changing decimals to fractions. Did well on addition/subtraction of fractions with different denominators. With finding percents he is starting to get the basics but still some confusion with setting up the equal fractions. Comparing with multiplication was excellent.

Today the student wanted assistance going over her new homework assignment, which dealt primarily with quadratic equations, the properties of quadratic equations, and how to obtain desirable information (intercepts, location of the vertex, etc.) from both the standard and quadratic forms of a quadratic equation. She was able to solve these problems with relative ease, only making small algebraic errors occasionally. She also wanted to go over more word problems. We looked at word problem examples. In the first example, I guided her thinking process by working through a problem for her. Following this, I had her work through a problem, guiding her thinking by asking her questions. When we get more comfortable with doing this, I will attempt to have her solve entire problems with minimal assistance.

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