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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student has a test tomorrow over percentages. He was struggling with this subject matter, as it was not in our last tutoring session. We worked on plenty of word problems, went over his review sheet, and I taught him some shortcuts in trying to figure out how to solve percentages easier. He had a great grasp of this. He second guesses himself a lot, even when he gets the right answer. We are trying to work on making him be convicted in his answers.

I worked with the student reviewing for her test: this one, that one, these etc..., verbs: aller, preferer, aimer, acheter and expressions of how someone looks. We worked on reading and pronunciation.

For the student's last session we again went through the math and worked on using process of elimination to help him on the problems he wasn't as confident with answering. We also discussed strategy for test morning and covered the directions again to make him feel comfortable. We talked about how students of higher grade levels than him are taking the same test so he shouldn't feel overwhelmed if there is material he is not comfortable with.

I covered strategies for answering questions on the verbal section of the test. We did a diagnostic test and practice questions. I had the student write a diagnostic essay that I will analyze this evening and review with him tomorrow. I assigned him some homework in the Verbal section to review and use the strategies we discussed.

Today I worked with two students. The first student had a set of test corrections on linear equations to work through. She had trouble with the point-slope formula and basically repeated the same mistake several times on one test, so we worked on the formula and made sure she understood it for the future. The second student and I worked on some physics review. We worked on graphs of position, velocity, and time. We then worked on problems with free fall. She had a bit of trouble with free fall but I think she learned a lot.

The student and I worked on using circle theorems today. We practiced calculating the degree measurements of inscribed angles and central angles using intercepted arcs, diameters, triangles and quadrilaterals. He did an excellent job.

Today the student and I went over the assigned work in the book and reviewed any questions she got wrong or she was confused about. We also worked through some more sentence completion questions and vocabulary. Then we moved on to talk about the essay portion of the assessment and reviewed scoring and strategies. For our next meeting, I've asked the student to complete some more exercises with passage-based reading and also work on some skills for writing the essay.

The student and I practiced fast mental multiplication. He mainly practiced single-digit multiplication for his upcoming quiz. We also continued working on estimating products for three-digit numbers. He is very quick with his mental math and his hard work is very evident! However, he may need to slow down to minimize mistakes.

I worked with the student on her practice science assignment. She is currently learning about electricity. For her lab, we checked her home's electric meter and recorded the figure. She then calculated her household's daily usage and plotted it on a graph. I am focusing more on the 'why' of topics than just the 'what'. I also helped her with a practice assignment on circuits. Repetition is a good way for her to learn, but I think practicing her critical thinking will help her overall studies.

Today, the student and I worked on Force and Motion. We specifically worked on homework problems and completed the online quiz questions. She will find out her grades soon on the previous test. While she seems to understand the concept when we talk about it together, she needs practice with setting up these problems on her own. With sufficient practice and confidence, she will understand them. We have decided to commit to two sessions per week. The next session has been scheduled for Wednesday.

The student had a physics assignment to work on, as well as test corrections for her algebra test. In physics, she is working on waves and periodic motion. We talked about the components of a wave, as well as concepts such as period, frequency and velocity. She seemed to have a pretty good grasp on the concepts. We then switched to her math test. We were unable to spend much time on it, as it was near the end of our session. We will go over the test in more detail when we meet on Thursday.

The student is a very friendly girl who puts a lot of effort into school. Her math background is not strong, so we had to go over the basics of calculus strategy and mathematical principles. Today, we covered derivatives and chain rule, and their applications. We went through 20 homework problems, and went step by step in how to mathematically solve each problem, and organize her work. She works very well once she understands a topic. I believe she now has a firmer grasp on the concepts, but will need repeated and reoccurring practice for mastery.