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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

In today's session, the student and I focused on physics. We continued the chapter on resistors and semiconductors.  We reviewed how circuits were modeled and how they were manipulated. The student said that his teacher might give a test on Friday, so we also reviewed the formulas that we covered in the chapter.

The student and I reviewed the Activity Series of Elements and applied them to Single Replacement reactions. We practiced multiple problems.  He seemed to have a pretty good understanding of the material after completing the problems.

The student and I discussed how to tell if two triangles were congruent. After I explained the rules for determining this, we worked through some of his geometry homework problems together.  Once we were finished with his geometry, we started to work on some algebra concepts. The algebra we focused on included writing the equation of a line in different forms.  

The student had done work on English and Reading on her own.  Her English score, from what she had worked on by herself, was at about a 26, so we decided that she should continue individual study on that.  For her Reading, she completed two sections.  For the first, I had her time herself just to see how long a passage would take and then decrease her time by a minute for each passage.  For the second, she tried to get it all done in time.  Her score has gone up and is hovering in the 20-23 range.  With more practice and timing she should be able to solidly earn at least a 21 every time.  We spent time covering Science. She has a lot of Science to cover on her own before we meet again.  With Math, I am giving her problems specific to the concepts we have covered rather than general problems in hopes that she will at least be able to solidly learn those concepts.

We went through her homework on combinations, then did several practice problems.  She was struggling with how to set up the problems, but we went over it until she felt more comfortable.  We also talked about strategies for using the calculator.

Worked with the student on bettering his writing through reviewing his past mistakes and having him correct them. I also had him summarize a few chapters of a book he is reading. Overall, I believe he is improving quite a bit in his writing, as is evident from his grades in school.

We reviewed the questions that the student had gotten wrong in the verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and quantitative reasoning portions of her second practice test. She did particularly well in the reading comprehension, and above average in the quantitative reasoning section, so we focused on the verbal reasoning section, where she missed the most questions. In the verbal reasoning section, her mistakes were chiefly due to not knowing the definition of many words, so we've been focusing on improving her vocabulary. In the quantitative reasoning section, the problems she missed often had to do with computational mistakes rather than not understanding the question or what was asked, which is an improvement over our earlier sessions.

The students and I finished reviewing for their midterms. I showed the first student how to solve several of the remaining problems in her math packet, gave her some additional word problems, and had her complete a map of Southeast Asia to review for world geography. The second student continued working on her math review. I taught her how to complete several problems as they came up.

Worked with the student to review for her comprehensive math final. Covered factoring by grouping, percent word problems, multiplying and dividing polynomials by factoring, and solving linear equation systems by elimination method. Taught her the Difference of Squares and the Cake Method to find the lowest common multiple.

The student and I continued to work on problems from her textbook. Today we focused on fractions. I have noticed that she needs additional practice on three digit by three digit multiplication, so I will email worksheets to her mom to print up for our next session.

Tonight was out last session of this school year. The student is exempting her Spanish II final. Yeah!!! She had a high enough average this year because she worked hard all year. Tonight, we worked on a review sheet that covered all the material for the year.

Went over the student's geometry homework and an old quiz covering volume and surface area. He understands how to find volumes of figures but needed to have surface area explained. He caught on quickly and only makes minor errors (using diameter instead of radius measurements, not squaring something correctly, etc.).

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