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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We reviewed both reading and science sections today. The student seems like she's ready for the test tomorrow.

She looks like she's going to do great tomorrow! Its been a pleasure working with her prepping for this test.

The student was preparing for his chapter 11 test covering lateral area, surface area, and volume. We covered several problems from the sections in the textbook, the review exercises in the back of the book and especially some tougher problems. He was having no trouble determining which formulas to use (they are allowed to use their class notes and formula sheet for the exam), but was having some trouble keeping things in order and not confusing numbers when plugging in known values, so we practiced keeping the equations neat and writing down every step.

Today the student and I reviewed her homework from yesterday. We talked about combining like terms and simplifying expressions. Then we reviewed the slope/ y-intercept form and how to graph lines. We talked about finding the slope of a line on a graph and then how to put an equation into standard y-intercept form so that you can find the slope. We did a bunch of practice problems. I also gave her a packet of work for each week until we meet for tutoring on August 15th. I told her that I am giving her the answers to the worksheets as well and I hope that if she gets stuck on a problem she will look at the answer to try to figure out how to solve it. Today we had a good session.

Today, I met with the student and we went over some of the problems she missed on her past exam. We discussed derivatives involving inverse trigonometric functions. At the end of the session, the student seemed to have a good grasp on the topics we discussed.

For today's session, the student and I reviewed the results from her 4th practice exam. We spent time in each section reviewing the questions that she got incorrect.  In the math, we reviewed geometry, logic problems, exponents, polynomials, and ratios.   In the verbal, she is continuing to do well in the sentence completion portion.  She knew most of the words.  In the writing, we reviewed several of the grammar rules. Overall, The student has been showing great improvement.

The student and I went over the math portions she had questions about. We worked on creating step by step guides for working through a math problem, and we worked on how to take notes by putting things she reads into her own words. We also went over what she should focus on as she studies on her own.

The student and I met on Sunday morning to review the GMAT. She has shown improvement in timing in all areas of the GMAT. Sentence correction has improved as well. We're still working towards improvement on data sufficiency questions.

The student is having an exam over chapter 3 on Friday. In our session, we went over the chapter 3 review sheet and identified problem areas. He seemed to only struggle on getting through word problems. After some coaching on how to decipher word problems, he got better at writing equations. I sent his mother a link that included a few tables on key words that can be used to decipher word problems along with leaving the student with four steps needed to go through a word problem.

The student worked on fluency by reading the book, Macaroni and Cheese. He completed the graphic organizer for this story by writing complete sentences on the beginning, middle, and end of the story. He also made predictions on a new story, Sam and the Firefly.

The student has a math final tomorrow so we went over all the materials that will be covered on the test. The topics include multiplying and dividing decimals. We went over each section in the chapter that is being covered on the test and we did several problems from both the book and workbook as well as the cumulative sections that are in his workbook. He was able to easily solve the problems we went over and we also discussed ways he can check his work on the test so that he knows his answers are accurate. He understood all the concepts really well and he felt prepared for his math final tomorrow.

The student and I jumped around through many topics in preparation for her final exam. She asked questions about material she was unsure of, and came out with the ability to accurately describe what we talked about. I am confident that she will do quite well.

The student wanted to meet in order to review for her finals. She needed a refresher for balancing equations, predicting reactions, and writing ionic equations. She was able to recall how to do the problems. Overall, she has been a very strong student. She is very organized and a hard worker.

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