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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We talked about what the student found challenging when she took the SAT in November. Based on this, we mainly focused on writing multiple choice and reading sections. We discussed specific grammatical principles (to be expanded on in future sessions) as well as overall test-taking strategies.

The student was given Trigonometry homework. I taught her the basics of sin, cos, tan - how they represent ratios of the sides of a right triangle, and how to find them, including the ratios for special right triangles. She picked up the concepts very quickly and completed her worksheet. We then worked on her Chemistry homework on converting between atoms/mols/grams.

The student's midterm in Spanish is on Thursday and her teacher had given her a review sheet and we worked on that the entire time. There were lots of sentences to translate, but a good review of all the material this semester.

The student and I focused on the science portion of the ACT. She took a practice test, and I timed how long it took her to read each passage, and to answer each question. Overall, she finished about one minute too long for each passage. However, when analyzing the data, it seemed that almost all of the extra time, and most of the questions she missed, were on the conflicting viewpoints passage. We practiced two conflicting viewpoint passages, and she was able to reduce her time. With a little more help, she should be able to finish the entire science section on time, and increase her accuracy on the conflicting viewpoint passage.

We went over the student's reading and sentence completion homework and then worked on triangles and operations. We did some writing exercises as well (comparison problems, pronoun-antecedent disagreement) and then I timed the student on a 10-minute section, which she did very well on. I asked her to complete a math section in the blue book and an essay for next time.

The student and I went over writing and math primarily. She has been very diligent with getting work done outside of our sessions and we were able to spend the entire time reviewing. We were able to cover many concepts this way.

In today's session we reviewed the previous lab experiment that the student performed in her lab class. She gave me summary of what the experiment was and then we worked on the review questions for the lab. We worked on how to answer the review questions by restating the question, providing the answer or evidence, and then ending with a conclusion or supporting sentence. The questions were a preview of what is to come for Chapter 14, so we looked through the chapter in order to answer the questions.

The student had trouble doing stoichiometry problems. I tried to explain it to her by showing how all the problems involved all had a consistent pattern to them, and all used similar approaches. It seems by the end of the session, she became more proficient in tackling the problems.

Today I met with the student for the entire 90 minutes for more science midterm review. We quickly reviewed his chapter 1 material, which he is pretty good on. We then spent about half an hour going over cell cycle / mitosis / meiosis (chapter 2), which he is improving on but will need to review prior to the test. We also had to go over cellular respiration, diffusion / osmosis / active transport. We unfortunately, did not have time to go over chapter 3 content (basic Mendelian genetics, Punnett square's, pedigrees and the basics of transcription / translation). We went over some of this material prior to his chapter test and he apparently did quite well on it. He says he feels pretty good about that material, but I told him to go over it anyways. I told his mother that I will be available on Sunday if they feel they need another session. This session went really well, I am confident that the student will do fine if he studies a little bit more.

The session began with reviewing the previously assigned exercises. The student did very well with the basic problems. We went over the important rules for simplifying exponents. The basic problems were easy for him because he simply calculated out the expressions as opposed to manipulating and simplifying expressions using the rules of exponents. We went through the problems slowly, and throughout, I would point out which rule we would want to use and why. At the end, I had him write out the rules. I assigned him additional exponent practice for next session.

The student got a test back that he did poorly on so we just went over that. We did all the problems he missed. They included a sum of squares vs difference of squares multiple choice, a discriminant multiple choice, solving quadratics with the square root method, solving quadratics by factoring, solving quadratics with the quadratic formula, and applications of the quadratic in physics type problems,

We were able to cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. The student is currently a junior at a university and is in a French 4 class. She is very interested in World Languages and her level of French is very good. She is looking to fill in some gaps that she has after returning from a semester abroad and being placed at a higher level than she anticipated. She had very detailed questions. She informed me in advance of what she wanted to cover and this helped me greatly in preparing the lesson.

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