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Free tools and resources to help your student learn at a pace that works for them.

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What Your Child Should Know

Is your student ready for the year ahead? Find out which skills they need to have to make the most of the school year. And help them improve in the areas that need extra attention.

Practice Problems

Adaptive Assessments

Using the latest advances in learning science, our adaptive assessments can measure a student’s proficiency and tell them exactly how they're doing in each subject. And it only takes about 20 minutes.

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Practice Problems & Videos

Create a free Learning Lab account to access instructional videos and practice problems based on academic standards. Students can take the time they need to master the challenging skills they need.

Need more help? We do that too.

Meet with a handpicked tutor on our Live Learning Platform—a unique workspace that makes learning engaging for all ages.

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A smaller class means students benefits from more time with the instructor, and more collaboration with classmates.

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Taught by subject-matter experts, our live classes offer a fun and engaging way to learn hundreds of topics.

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