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Introducing the Learning Lab: Practice Problems & Videos

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A personalized approach they control.

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Personalized Learning Plan

Based on the results of our adaptive assessments, which pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in a given subject, we create a learning plan that serves as the personalized roadmap to improvement.

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“We can now focus on what [my daughter] really needs.”

Screenshots of video instruction and practice problems

Video Instruction and Practice Problems

Using instructional videos and practice problems based on academic standards, students can take the time they need to master challenging skills at their own pace.

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“I love the Learning Lab because it truly helps me with work that I am going to be doing in my grade level.”

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Weekly Progress Reports

Each week, we’ll send a progress report that shares how a student is doing, where they need help, and which accomplishments deserve celebrating. It’s an easy way to stay informed and connected.

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“As a homeschooling mom this has been a fantastic resource for determining if my children are at grade level.”

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More free tools for self study.

Our advanced, adaptive assessments show a student where they need help and how to help them.

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Our free resources lists the key concepts students needs to know to advance successfully to the next grade.

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Need more help? We do that too.

Meet with a handpicked tutor on our Live Learning Platform—a unique workspace that makes learning engaging for all ages.

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A smaller class means students benefits from more time with the instructor, and more collaboration with classmates.

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Taught by subject-matter experts, our live classes offer a fun and engaging way to learn hundreds of topics.

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