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Storm Chasing: Tornado Edition

Dr. Reed Timmer

Meteorologist, TV Host, Storm Chaser

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About Dr. Reed

The host of the hit show Storm Chasers for four seasons, Dr. Reed Timmer has been chasing tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and wildfires his entire life. His fascination with extreme weather led him to earn a PhD in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, naturally situated in the heart of Tornado Alley. For decades he’s been roaming the country in a series of custom storm-chasing vehicles named “Dominator,” educating the world on weather safety and the causes of some of nature’s most powerful weather events.

About the class

There’s no storm more spontaneous or destructive than the tornado—but while most run for cover from these chaotic cyclones, storm chaser Dr. Reed Timmer runs toward them. Join Reed for a whirlwind tour of the causes and effects of these violent storms, and learn what it’s like to chase them and face them up close. We’re not in Kansas anymore; Reed will bring these tremendous twisters right to your living room.


January 25
Monday @ 7:00 PM-7:45 PM EST
1 x 45min session (45 minutes)
All ages welcome
(Best for grades 3-9)

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