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Ice Cream Chemistry

Phil Cook

Tik Tok Star, Chemistry Teacher, Scientist

About Phil

Recently dubbed “Tik Tok’s Favorite Chemistry Teacher,” Phil Cook has been enthusiastically teaching chemistry for over two decades. Through unique and interactive experiments, he engages with learners all over the world–reigniting a love of science in some and introducing the world of chemistry to others.

About the class

I scream, you scream, we all scream...for chemistry? From its flavors to its texture to its temperature, ice cream is as scientifically fascinating as it is delicious, and TikTok’s most beloved science teacher will give you a taste of the chemistry that creates your favorite summertime treat. Join Phil Cook for a series of live demonstrations and experiments to learn all about the science of ice cream in a class that promises to be anything but vanilla.

And if you’d like to put your new ice cream insights to work right away, you can! You’ll have the opportunity to make your own ice cream along with Phil. To participate, have the following ingredients ready:

• 2 cups of milk (ideally whole milk)
• ½ cup of granulated sugar
• 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
• 8-10 cups of ice
• 8 tablespoons of rock salt
• 2 ziploc bags (ideally one quart size and one gallon size)

Of course, if you’d rather just pick up a pint of your favorite flavor and leave the homemade demonstration to Phil, you’re perfectly welcome to sit back and watch.

This StarCourse is no longer available.

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