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A Piece of Your Mind

Pacific Science Center

with Fatima Kamal and Holly Duskin

About Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center ignites curiosity in every child and fuels a passion for discovery, experimentation, and critical thinking in all of us. Located in the heart of Seattle, PacSci has been a leader in informal education for more than 50 years. PacSci is always seeking to meet the needs of the community and now offers virtual programs to capture the magic of a visit to Seattle’s favorite science center. Teachers, students, and families across the country (and world) can access free, educational resources on Curiosity at Home or join live programming through Virtual Field Trips.

About the class

Your brain is an awe-inspiring tool. In this class, you'll experience that power firsthand as you explore how it controls memory, movement, and sight. You'll also discover how the brain functions through live activities, test yourself with illusions and fun puzzles, and see a real human brain specimen! To fully participate, be sure to attend class with paper and a marker!

Meet your instructors, Holly and Fatima.

Pacific Science Center educators Fatima Kamal and Holly Duskin have led curious minds of all ages in groups ranging from classrooms, to museum visitors, to summer camps, and now virtual field trips. With backgrounds in education and hundreds of programs delivered, Holly and Fatima are great guides for curious minds!

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