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Building Sustainable Cities in Minecraft (and Beyond)

Presented by the Museum of Design Atlanta

led by expert instructor Blaire Bosley

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About Museum of Design Atlanta's

The Museum of Design Atlanta, or MODA, is the only museum in the Southeast dedicated exclusively to the study and celebration of all things design. Formed in 1989 as the Atlanta International Museum of Art & Design, MODA has grown and evolved over the years to become the Southeast’s only design museum.

About the class

What is sustainability? Can we use Minecraft to investigate sustainability? In this live, online class, we’ll learn all about sustainability and how designers are using it to create cleaner communities. We’ll also learn about city planning and then collaborate to design the sustainable community of our dreams in Minecraft! If you're interested in designing structures with the planet in mind, this is the class for you. Note: To fully participate in the hands-on class component, students will need a Minecraft account.

Meet your expert instructor, Blaire.

Blaire Bosley is a current Ph.D. student in Georgia Tech’s digital media department. She has a background in history and computer science. As an Educator at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), she teaches classes on various topics such as game design, animation, and robotics. Outside of her work at MODA, Blaire can be found volunteering in her community.


October 25
Monday @ 4:00 PM-4:45 PM EDT
1 x 45min session (45 minutes)
All ages welcome
(Best for grades 5-9)

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