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Acing the Audition

Matthew Morrison

Actor, Performer, Gleeful Teacher

About Matthew Morrison

You (and your parents) might know him as Mr. Schuester, the director of a well-known high school singing club, when he acted in the Golden Globe-winning TV series, Glee. Matthew Morrison the actor — not the high school teacher — has been nominated for a Tony, an Emmy, and two Golden Globe Awards. His breakthrough role was starring in Broadway’s “Hairspray” as heartthrob Link Larkin and he most recently starred as J.M. Barrie in the Broadway musical about Peter Pan, “Finding Neverland.” You can also salute him as “Dance Captain” for his time served on the Simon Cowell-produced dance competition, The Greatest Dancer in the UK. Morrison’s versatility and love for acting, both onstage and onscreen, sings volumes about his deep appreciation for the craft.

About the class

Before there can be stage fright, there’s audition anxiety, because as actors know well, in order to act you need to first ace the audition. So join Matthew Morrison, the actor behind everyone’s favorite Glee club director, to learn the secrets to amazing auditions. You’ll see why it’s not just superstition to avoid singing songs from the play you’re auditioning for, and how your phone can become a perfect scene rehearsal partner. You’ll learn how to break down a character on short notice and why it’s important to make that character your own. You’ll hear firsthand how Broadway auditions work and how to apply those lessons to your next community or school audition. And of course, you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

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