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Decoding Hieroglyphs

Dr. Colleen Darnell

Egyptologist, Archaeologist, Knowledge Seeker

About Dr. Colleen Darnell

A Yale-trained Egyptologist, Dr. Colleen Darnell has traveled the world researching hieroglyphic inscriptions. She led an archaeological expedition in Egypt that discovered a fifteen-hundred year old Roman settlement in the Eastern Desert, and with her husband, John, published the first complete English translation of the texts in the Valley of the Kings. Dr. Darnell was the first to identify works of historical fiction written by the ancient Egyptians themselves. She shares her passion for Egyptology with “kids” of all ages.

About the class

If you can read this, you have Egyptian hieroglyphs to thank for it! Seriously — hieroglyphs aren’t just one of the world’s earliest forms of sophisticated written language, they’re also the basis for how we read and write today. Join Egyptologist Dr. Colleen Darnell and learn to write hieroglyphs and decode the messages they have for us about the ancient world. Plus, confront and debunk some long-standing myths about one of the world’s most legendary language tools. It’s like a live, interactive Rosetta Stone, and it’s happening on the Varsity Tutors platform!

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