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Create Your First Video Game!

Presented by Codeverse

with Katy Lynch, Co-Founder and Game Creator Extraordinaire at Codeverse

About Codeverse

Codeverse is an award-winning learn-to-code platform that enables kids to build video games using KidScript®. KidScript is a real, written programming language that draws inspiration from languages such as JavaScript, Ruby and Python. It features an easy-to-learn syntax that gives kids the opportunity to see their creations come to life in real-time as they type. It’s simple enough that beginners can easily get started and learn as they go, yet powerful enough to create complex apps and games. By creating, playing, and iterating on video games, kids learn core coding principles while having a lot of fun doing it. Codeverse access is available for free to all Varsity Tutors Learning Members, enabling learners to code and play games on their own schedule, choose from educational missions, and join live camps and classes for expert instruction.

About the class

Create your own jaw-dropping video games, write real code, and have fun even if you have never coded before! Join Katy as she shows you how to bring your ideas to life, and create awesome games that you can share with family and friends. This exciting 45-minute class includes access to Codeverse, and the chance to have your game submitted to the Google and Apple App Store!

Meet your instructor, Katy Lynch

Katy is an innovative creative coder who believes everyone should be able to bring their ideas to life. She is also a serial entrepreneur, gamer, investor, world traveler, and all-around fun-loving girl who adores her family and wants to leave the world better than she found it.

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After you successfully create your first video game with Katy from Codeverse, be sure to join our afterschool club for coding enthusiasts just like you!