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Character Creation & Animation: A Live Draw-Along

Audrey Hopkins

Character Designer, Animator, TikTok Star

About Audrey Hopkins

An artist and character designer, Audrey is known by her millions of social media followers as Audity Draws. Since posting her artwork to TikTok in 2019, she has amassed over 12 million followers who regularly tune in to see her create and draw characters, and make inanimate objects come to life. She has created characters for comic books, cartoons, games, music videos, and more, and thrives on interactive drawing tutorials to help everyone get in touch with their inner creative genius.

About the class

Learn to create and draw iconic characters full of personality—and do it with simple shapes and just the right amount of detail. Join Audrey Hopkins, known worldwide as Audity Draws, for a live draw-along as you explore the art of drawing human faces and making them come alive. You’ll leave class with an animated character of your own, plus collaborate with Audrey as she creates the ultimate character to define “summer.” Bring some sharpened pencils and plenty of paper, and be ready to draw on your curiosity and creativity.

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