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Space Travel: Mankind’s Giant Leap

Alyssa Carson

Astronaut-in-Training, Space Camper, Member of the Mars Generation

About Alyssa Carson

Like most kids, Alyssa dreamed of going to space; unlike most kids, however, she has spent her entire childhood making it happen. A seven-time Space Camp attendee and the first to complete the NASA Passport program, Alyssa is the youngest person ever to complete the Advanced Possum Academy, which made her an astronaut trainee, and completed an Applied Astronautics degree...all before she graduated high school. Now a college student studying astrobiology, Alyssa serves as a brand ambassador for future-minded companies (including the Mars One program) and writes books and gives speeches encouraging the youth in her generation to join her in the future of space exploration.

About the class

For millions of years, humans and our ancestors have looked up at the night sky with wonder; for only the past 60 years, people have had the ability to visit and explore space firsthand. Join Alyssa Carson for an adventure through the history and future of human space travel. You’ll cheer at the small steps that became giant leaps, laugh at the lessons astronauts have had to learn the hard way (“it always comes back to the bathroom,” Alyssa says), and revel in the fact that you are a member of the generation headed to Mars and beyond.

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Introducing the Space Club

After your space exploration with Alyssa Carson, find friends and fellow universe explorers in the Space Club.