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The Fundamentals of Finance For Teens

Presented by Acorns

with Nami Baral, Head of Acorns Harvest

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About Acorns

Acorns exists to empower people to plant small seeds for their financial future through micro-investments and watch those seeds grow into the oaks of financial freedom over time. The Acorns platform allows its users to invest small sums—the money saved by skipping a latte or bringing a homemade lunch to school—in the financial markets, providing easy access to the financial markets. Through its Harvest and Education platforms, Acorns exists as a full-stack financial wellness program.

About the class

Albert Einstein called compound interest “the most powerful force in the universe,” but even most grownups will admit they fear finance more than they see it as a tool. Join Acorns’ Nami Baral to explore the fundamentals of the financial markets, learn what stocks and bonds really mean, discover what every grownup wishes they had known about money when they were your age, and see how you can harness that most powerful force in the universe to work for you.

Meet your instructor, Nami.

Nami Baral is on a mission to help everyone take control of their personal finances. She founded the Harvest Platform to use artificial intelligence to help people negotiate bank and credit card fees and avoid bad debt, and joined forces with Acorns recently to expand its impact toward investment and overall financial wellness. As Head of Acorns Harvest, Nami is building products that help Americans reduce the financial stress and intimidation that money matters create, and create financial progress for everyone.


June 17
Thursday @ 7:00 PM-7:45 PM EDT
1 x 45min session (45 minutes)
All ages welcome
(Best for grades 8-12)

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