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Get matched with an expert SAT tutor for personalized SAT prep built entirely around your needs. Select one of our most common tutoring plans and receive discounts on your hourly rate. Best for those looking to improve scores dramatically in a short period of time, or for students who struggle with a specific section.

What's Included:

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SAT Tutoring Plans

Build the plan that’s right for your needs and schedule.

12 hours = $1104 ($92/hr) - Get help on a particular topic.

24 hours = $2040 ($85/hr) - Master a complete section.

36 hours = $2916 ($81/hr) - Identify and address weaknesses across all three sections.

Tutoring hours are good for 1 year. Once you select a package, the schedule that appears is merely a usage suggestion--your tutor will work with you to design the best schedule for your needs and time frame.

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Highly Qualified SAT Experts

All instructors and tutors are vetted experts who know the material, understand the exam, and can help you earn a higher score. They’ll give real-time support to guide students through struggles and successes while customizing the pace and content to fit the students’ needs.

How tutor matching works:
1. Our expert education consultants will contact you to better understand your background, goals, and learning style.
2. Then, taking into account everything we learn about you, we use a series of proprietary algorithms to pinpoint the perfect SAT tutor for your needs.
3. Finally, we make it easy to schedule your first session with your tutor who will customize your learning plan and meet with you on our award-winning Live Learning Platform.

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All the Practice Modules You Need

You’ll also have full access to our SAT Self-Study resources. Supplement your live online instruction and track your progress with:

  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Thousands of practice questions
  • Dozens of full-length practice tests
  • Flash cards
  • Mobile app for on-the-go practice
Better score guarantee

Better Score Guarantee

Improve your score or your money back.*

Sample Syllabus

Lesson One: Foundations of SAT Reasoning

This lesson will outline strategic processes (such as backsolving, number picking, and process-of-elimination) for approaching SAT questions and pacing, and will cover logical foundations essential to the SAT Reading questions covering logic and Writing questions covering style and rhetoric.

Lesson Two: SAT Math Foundations

This lesson will cover skills from Arithmetic (including fractions, ratios, and percents) and Algebra 1 (including linear equations, quadratics, exponents, roots, and inequalities), plus reinforce the SAT-specific math strategies from Lesson One.

Lesson Three: SAT Reading Strategy

This lesson will cover strategies for reading SAT passages, deconstruct the SAT’s question types, and attack SAT questions with repeatable, proactive techniques.

Lesson Four: SAT Word Problems

This lesson will comprehensively cover word problems, including methods for translating words to equations, strategies for structuring and solving both linear word problems and systems of equations, and techniques for interpreting and solving the unique ways the SAT tests word problems.

Lesson Five: SAT Writing - Grammar & Punctuation

This lesson will cover modifiers, verbs (including both tense and agreement), pronouns, punctuation, and sentence construction, as students master the key elements of SAT grammar and punctuation.

Lesson Six: SAT Algebra 2

This lesson will cover functions, polynomials, and the SAT’s emphasis on algebraic graphing problems, while reinforcing key Algebra 1 concepts and overall SAT math strategies.

Lesson Seven: SAT Writing - Organization, Rhetoric, and Diction

This lesson will outline the ways in which the SAT tests the logical and stylistic elements of writing, breaking down the common rhetorical question types and arming students with strategies for each. Special attention will be paid to diction and vocabulary, plus graphics interpretation, to reinforce those skills for the SAT Reading section, as well.

Lesson Eight: Geometry & Advanced Math Topics

This lesson will cover geometry, trigonometry, probability, and statistics, with an eye toward the specific scope and methodology that the SAT tests. As the SAT tests a narrow subset of these broad concepts, and provides certain equations on test days, students will learn not just what to study, but as importantly what not to study as they train their focus on test day.


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