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Chemistry: Fireworks, Forensics, and Fun

Phil Cook

Tik Tok Star, Chemistry Teacher, Scientist

About Phil

Recently dubbed "Tik Tok's Favorite Chemistry Teacher," Phil Cook has been enthusiastically teaching chemistry for over two decades. Through unique and interactive experiments, he engages with learners all over the world–reigniting a love of science in some and introducing the world of chemistry to others.

About the Class

Chemistry is everywhere: in the air we breathe and food we eat. Chemistry even has a starring role in your 4th of July fireworks display, as well as your local forensics lab. TikTok star Phil Cook will show you how chemistry makes so much possible—and why it should be your new favorite subject.

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Lit fuse on dynamite


The Chemistry of Fireworks and Explosions
We all love bright colors, vibrant light shows, and things that go boom—especially this time of year. In this special pre-holiday lesson, you’ll learn how chemical reactions make it all possible. Plus, pick up some safe-for-home experiments to see those reactions for yourself.

Crime scene tape


You Can’t Spell Chemistry Without CSI
For today’s detectives, the best clues are often the microscopic ones that can only be unlocked in the lab. Join Phil to learn about forensic science and why chemistry is the key to capturing the bad guys and cracking so many cases.

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