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Chasing Space: Science and Life Lessons


Astronaut, Explorer, Author

About Leland

Having been an NFL player and a former astronaut, Leland Melvin is uniquely suited to talk to students about dream jobs. Since the road he traveled wasn’t direct or easy, Melvin is now devoted to helping students discover a love for science and the grit to pursue their dreams.

About the Class

In a class that's out of this world, astronaut Leland Melvin will explain why space exploration matters and how it affects our daily lives. Leland will share his experiences as one of the lucky few to travel in space, as well as what it takes to land that dream job.

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Moon with dark sky

Session 1

Why Space Matters Leland will talk about why he became an astronaut and the steps he took to reach his goal. He’ll also talk about why space exploration is important. Students will learn about the innovations made possible through space research, and Leland will outline some new discoveries he's hoping the students and their generation will make.

Stars at night

Session 2

What It's Like In Space
Students will learn firsthand what it's like being an astronaut. Leland will take them through the phases of a space shuttle launch, describe what it's like without gravity and how it feels to look back at the Earth from afar, and talk about the challenges of returning home after an out-of-this-world trip.