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YEEOOW!: The Science of Bites & Stings

Coyote Peterson

Adventurer, Wildlife Expert, TV Host

About Coyote

The Emmy Award-winning host of YouTube’s Brave Wilderness and Animal Planet’s Brave the Wild, Coyote is an animal expert and advocate who turned his passion for nature into a thrilling career. Known for his close encounters with the world’s fiercest stingers and biters, Coyote shares his fascination with the animal kingdom with learners of all ages.

About the Class

Animals are amazing—but when they attack, they can inflict amazing pain. Coyote Peterson, a veteran of the most ferocious bites and stings nature has to offer, will discuss why animals bite and sting, which animals are the most dangerous, and how to appreciate animals safely.

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Stinging insect


The Science of Animal Stings
If an animal is known to sting, chances are Coyote has been stung by it. In this lesson, students will learn which animals sting, why animals sting, and what to do when facing an animal sting. Coyote will introduce learners to the nastiest stingers in the world, including the Bullet Ant, the Warrior Wasp, and the Tarantula Hawk.

Coyote Peterson with alligator


The Brutal Truth of Bites
Coyote will cover the essentials of animal bites: what makes a bite different from a sting, which bites have venom, which are most dangerous, and why animals bite in the first place. Students will learn about a variety of biting animals (including alligators, leeches, and gila monsters) and how to avoid them.

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