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Coyote standing in a valley


Coyote Peterson's Wildlife Camp

YouTube and TV wildlife legend Coyote Peterson earned his nickname chasing roadrunners as a young animal and nature lover. That’s why his Wildlife Camp is built to guide campers through the wonderful world of wildlife and wilderness.

Week-long camps (M-F) meet 2 hours/day
$250 • Ages 5 to 13 • 6-9 campers

Prepare for adventure!

Coyote Peterson sitting on a rock

Meet Coyote

The Emmy Award-winning host of YouTube’s Brave Wilderness and Animal Planet’s Brave the Wild, Coyote is an animal expert and advocate who turned his passion for nature into a thrilling career. Known for his close encounters with the world’s fiercest stingers and biters, Coyote shares his fascination with the animal kingdom with learners of all ages.

Coyote Peterson sitting on a rock

Daily Expeditions

Coyote’s job takes him around the world to go face-to-face with amazing animals and habitats…and his Wildlife Creature Camp is designed to give campers similar experiences. Led by expert instructors, daily expeditions include virtual safaris to meet exotic animals, deep sea excursions to visit sharks and whales, show-and-tell sessions with favorite pets, and adaptation analyses to explore the world’s most amazing animal abilities and behaviors.

Instructor with students in an online classroom

Small Groups, Expert Instructors

Camp sessions feature small groups of 6-9 campers led by an expert instructor, ensuring maximum participation, guidance, and collaboration. Instructors are chosen after an extensive vetting process that includes teaching demonstrations, background checks, and interviews to ensure both subject mastery and teaching ability.

Coyote and a Wolverine

AfterCamp Creature Challenges

The fun doesn’t stop when the day’s expedition is over! Campers can head into their camp clubhouse where Coyote and other wildlife explorers will lead them through on-demand Creature Challenges covering animal behaviors, habitat conservation, and so much more.

Child looking through binoculars

Unplug Projects

Wildlife adventurers love nature, so the Wildlife Creature Camp clubhouse contains several offline challenges guided by Coyote and other notable explorers.

Two kids watching Coyote Peterson StarCourse on tablet

Wildlife Creature StarCourses

Explorers, adventurers, naturalists, oh my! Your camper will have exclusive access to upcoming live Wildlife StarCourses hosted by Coyote and other guest stars as they share their experience with all kinds of critters and learn how we can all protect the wild.

Camp Dates & Times

Coyote Peterson's Wildlife Camp

Week-long camps, available June - August

  • 6-9 campers per camp
  • 2-hour daily sessions + bonus activities
  • Special content from featured guest stars

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