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The University Of Georgia - Public Relations

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De Paul University - Philosophy/ Mathematics

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

(First Student) We covered logarithmic algebra, but I believe that there are some mild disconnects with the fundamental algebra required to complete the solution.

(Second Student) We covered some material for End-Of-Course-Testing, and I believe there was good progress made.

We went over a review packet her teacher gave the student for an upcoming test. It was mostly on math of fractions and exponents with some measurements and word problems mixed in. I showed her some tricks she could use with word problems and measurements to assure her answer was in the right units and the right number (when to divide instead of multiply two numbers, etc.).

The student and I continued to work on her final exam review packet. Today we covered solving for paired equations with two variables, solving various problems using all of the logarithm principles, and matrices.

We were able to finish part 4 and 5 of their algebra packet given at school. We covered simplifying exponents and roots, multiplication and division of roots and exponents and finding X using the quadratic function. I believe we have made great progress.

We covered properties of exponents and logs. We studied the various types of exponential problems including: Compound annually, compound continuously, radioactive decay and half-life. We also discussed optimization problems. In the optimization problems, we found out that we use one of the parameters to set up an equation to solve for one of the two variables given. Then we plug in for that variable into the equation that describes the quantity to be optimized. Our problem was quadratic so we used quadratic properties to solve for the maximum value.

The student got an 85 on the re-take. She responds well when I write her practice tests, so we did the old test and I wrote a new one.

Reviewed some basics of terminology and concepts for equations and how this relates to the concept of polynomials (equations having more than one term). Did a selective mix of problems from the textbook to practice working with polynomials - identifying them and classifying their orders. Went on to do polynomial math - adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing polynomials and in the process reviewing past concepts and properties of numbers - distributive, communicative, and similar properties of exponents. Slowly worked our way up to practicing the FOIL method for multiplying two binomials.

We did a few problems off the student's homework and some review of applying integrals to finish off what we had been working on for the last few weeks, then we briefly covered the power series. We concluded the session with practice problems covering all this material. The session went well.

Tutored her for test on Friday based on areas, volumes and solutions of differential equations. Worked on most of the problems in the school work sheet, leaving a few as homework. Explained all concepts involved. Provided her formula sheet with 14 standard integrals.

The student and I concluded our sessions for this school year reviewing multi-digit division and choosing the best strategy for him to use going forward. We also talked about understanding fractions as they relate to division and The Whole. We worked on adding fractions as an introduction with like and unlike denominators.

The student and I spent some time reviewing for his logarithmic test coming up the next day. After a review of his "solve these functions" worksheet and going over all the formulas that he would need to solve exponential decay and growth, he seemed like he was ready to handle anything his test threw at him.

Topics: factoring (quadrinomials, perfect cubes, complex polynomials, nested trinomials, fractions), simplifying algebraic expressions, conjugates, removing radicals from denominators, quadratic formula, deriving a quadratic equation from a set of solutions, quadratic inequalities, FOILing, nonreal numbers, exponents, exponents and fractions, exponents and radicals

Progress: This material was really similar to what the student covered in a session before. The student was much more comfortable with all of the topics this time, although I think it will not be a walk through the park for her. The student took excellent notes and kept the notes that I took throughout the session for use afterward. I think she made the most of the session.

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