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Free SAT & ACT live online classes.

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A $779 value for $0. Really, it’s free.

Everyone should have the tools and opportunity to earn their very best score. Give your student that chance with our free SAT and ACT live online classes. They’ll get deep insights and learn key techniques for understanding and mastering each section.

What we’ll cover:

  • How to break down questions to understand what is said, how it is said, and why it is said
  • Mastering key concepts in algebra, English, trigonometry and a lot more for both exams
  • The “Top 10 Must-Know” math skills and strategies
  • Tips and tactics to manage their time on test day

What to expect:

  • 25 hours of live, group instruction conducted online with presentation slides and a smartboard
  • Group and private chat for collaboration and Q&A
  • Polling and full class engagement activities
  • Homework and practice problem discussion time

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Brian Galvin
10,000 hours of teaching experience

Your ACT Instructor, Brian Galvin, MEd

Brian isn’t your typical instructor. With over 10,000 hours of teaching and tutoring experience and over 2 million YouTube views, he offers insightful instruction delivered in an entertaining way.

Hailey Cusimano
Has prepared thousands of students

Your SAT Instructor, Hailey Cusimano

As the adage goes, “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.” Hailey lives by this adage and ensures her students are applying the necessary strategies to make their preparation effective and efficient.

Open Free Live Classes


10 Live Sessions

Nov. 5th - Dec. 10th

Every Tues & Thurs* | 6pm - 8:30 CST
Classes in progress remain open for enrollment

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10 Live Sessions

Nov. 4th - Dec. 4th

Every Mon & Wed | 6pm - 8:30 CST
Classes in progress remain open for enrollment

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Included Resources

As part of these free live classes, your student will receive a complete study package, including:

ACT test on tablet

Mobile App and Test Prep eBooks

Your student can study on the go with our free mobile app—complete with useful learning tools, practice tests, and more. Plus, our included SAT and ACT eBooks (each with 650+ pages) offer deeper dives into tricky concepts and help build confidence before test day.

Bar chart

Adaptive Assessment Tool

This revolutionary tool uses advanced AI to give your student a truly personalized learning plan. Basically, it measures their proficiency in each test concept and identifies where they excel and where they should focus.

Live learning platform

Office Hours

When questions arise or extra help is needed, your student can take advantage of weekly office hours and meet with either their instructor or one of our knowledgeable TAs.


Practice Exams

Practice makes perfect. Right? In addition to regular homework, your student will be able to take a series of full practice exams to get a feel for timing and cadence of questions.

Why offer high-quality test prep at no charge?

Quite simply, we believe each and every student should feel a sense of confidence when they walk into the exam room.
And for so many students, those steps are often the first steps to better opportunities in learning and in life.

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*The ACT class will not meet on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, 11/28)