Special Education Cooking Class

grades 6-8

This special cooking class is set up for a small group of middle school age students with special needs who are interested in the art of cooking.

The first class session will review general skills related to following recipes and measuring ingredients. A plan for what recipes will be used in future weeks will be shared during the first session as well. Students are encouraged to set up their computer in their kitchen so they can follow along, making the day's recipe at the same time as the instructor. Sibling and parents are encouraged to participate so they can support their special family member.

Students will get longer explanations about the different types of ingredients used to make simple recipes. More time is taken to demonstrate exactly how to measure different ingredients such as liquids and powders. Students will have an opportunity to build social skills as they take turns showing the rest of the class how they are measuring ingredients and combining them together.

It can often be difficult for families with special needs to find other families with students who are the same age with similar challenges. By bringing this cooking class online, students have a unique opportunity to see and interact with other children as they learn new skills together in their own kitchens.

What You Will Learn

  • Following recipe directions

  • Measuring wet and dry ingredients

  • Different types of ingredients

  • Social skills in the kitchen

How to Participate

  • Download the Zoom app for free on your laptop or mobile device.
  • Before each session, you’ll recieve an email with a link to join.
  • Gather any necessary supplies for class and be prepared to learn!

This class is currently full.

More dates and times added regularly. Check back soon.

About Small Group Classes

Personalized Instruction
Small classes allow the instructor to give individualized attention to each student.

Customized Curriculum and Learning
Class content and pacing is tailored to the interests and needs of the students.

Collaborative Experiences
Student-to-student collaboration foster deeper learning and engagement.

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