AfterSchool Chess Masters Club (Grades K-1)

Grades K-1

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Pawns and knights become kings and queens of strategy in Chess Masters camp, where future chess champions learn from expert instructors and practice against new friends. Each month, lessons and drills will emphasize a different set of strategies while also allowing players to practice their entire game and have lots of fun doing it.



Theme Of The Month:

  • December: Zugzwang — Chess doesn’t always go according to plan, so this month players will learn how to respond to less-than-ideal situations and swindle themselves back into the game.

  • January: Pins & Skewers — What’s better than attacking one piece? Attacking two, and this month players will develop strategies for controlling the board through the dual attacks of pins and skewers, then put those skills to use via challenges and gameplay.

  • February: Middlegame & Pawn Structure — Chess matches are often won and lost via seemingly-mundane moves involving lesser pieces. This month players will focus on winning those little battles, and then see how that practice leads to big wins.

  • March: Sacrifices & Exchanges — The goal of chess isn’t to keep all 16 of your pieces, but rather to checkmate exactly one of your opponent’s. This month players will develop a keen sense of when to sacrifice and exchange pieces for a larger gain.

  • April: Checkmates — Most chess matches end in a draw, so this month players will focus on turning their advantages into victories by practicing checkmates.

  • May: Tournament of Champions — The best part of chess is playing it, so this month players will apply their new skills to challenges and matches with their peers, aiming for checkmates with their classmates.

Our After School Clubs Include:

  • Live instruction from a top expert with plenty of group discussion and collaboration.

  • Specialized content and learning resources from our club guest stars.

  • Small group environment means your club member gets a chance to make new friends.

  • After School Clubs challenge to keep your club member engaged between club sessions

  • Unplug Projects to encourage your club member to learn away from the screen.

  • Tons of times and dates so you can fit multiple clubs into a single week.

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How to Participate


Download the Zoom app for free on your laptop or mobile device.


Before each session you’ll receive an email with a link to join.


Gather any necessary supplies for class and come ready to learn!

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