Beginner German Class

grades 3-5

Small Group Class

‐ Live online instruction
‐ Average of 9 students/class
‐ Tailored to the students’ needs

$12.50/hr ($250 total)
12 weeks. 2 sessions per week (1hr each)


The Beginner German Group Class is a live 20-class online course designed for elementary-aged students from grades 3-5 interested in learning German with the equivalent of 1-2 years of recent German experience. Students will learn the basic skills in listening and speaking and be equipped with the tools needed to formulate simple sentences and questions on their own.

This course is suited for someone with 1-2 years of recent experience in the language OR someone with previous experience with the language who wants to review

About Small Group Classes

Led by an expert instructor, Small Group Classes maximize your learning experience with:

Small Class Sizes
Typical class sizes of 6-9 students allows the instructor to give individualized attention to each student.

Structured Curriculum, Customized Learning
Each class follows a custom learning plan where content and pacing is tailored to the needs of the students.

Collaborative Experiences
Student-to-student collaboration and discussion fosters deeper learning and encourages social interactions.

Class Details

What You Will Learn

  • How to ask basic questions and for directions about familiar and routine matters

  • How to form simple sentences with basic vocabulary

  • How to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, and weather

  • How to understand sentences set in the present tense (regular and irregular) and past tense

Course Includes

  • Basic vocabulary covering time, days & months, seasons & weather, shopping, common everyday objects, and leisure activities and sports

  • Common German expressions & phrases

  • Question words & question formation

  • Indefinite articles

  • Gender and number

  • Demonstrative pronouns and articles

  • Regular & irregular present-tense verbs

  • Present progressive

  • Language pronunciation

Classes with Varsity Tutors always include

  • During each live course session, you’ll meet face-to-face with your instructor and fellow students in a virtual classroom, where you’ll work on course-specific lessons as a group.

  • This course includes 20 hours of live instruction with an expert instructor in a limited size class

  • After enrolling for your course online, you’ll create a Varsity Tutors client account, from which you’ll be able to access information about your course and links to join each session.

  • We offer convenient online and mobile access to your account and all of our resources through our iOS and Android apps.

  • We will match you with a dedicated Educational Director who will make sure the course is helping you meet or exceed your learning goals. You can always contact them with any questions you might have. We’re here to help you!

  • Varsity Tutors has helped over 100,000 students and earned a 4.9 / 5.0 rating. We're proud of our students' results, and back them with an industry-leading guarantee.

Materials students will need

  • Students will need their curiosity, supplies like a pencil and paper, and their computer for this class

  • The class instructor may suggest further materials to aid in the learning process

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Tue, Oct 27 - Tue, Jan 12

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$12.50/hr $250

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1hr live sessions
-41 weeks, 2 sessions per week
20hr total class time

Weekly Class Times

Class will not meet on:

  • Thursday, November 26
  • Thursday, December 24
  • Thursday, December 31
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