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Photograph of eathrise from space

Afterschool Space Club

Grades K-8

6 weeks of fun and adventure! Whether you’re an aspiring astronaut or just cosmically curious, you’ll find friends and fellow universe explorers in Space Club.

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Free Celebrity StarCourses

Taye Tackles Acting Tactics with Taye Diggs

Learn how Taye Diggs maintains the ever-important “the show must go on” mentality even in the most chaotic situations.

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Wild About Healthy Diets with the El Paso Zoo

Get an insider look at how animal diets are prepared with a visit to the El Paso Zoo commissary!

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Exploring Space with Astronaut Leland Melvin

Join our next class for aspiring rocket scientists of all ages, hosted by Varsity Tutors ambassador, Leland Melvin.

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