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The middle school years can be a time of amazing change and difficulty—for both parent and child. With these highly engaging classes, we hope to ease some of that stress.

From science experiments to learning magical multiplication, check out some of our top STEM classes and register for as many as you want.

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Unlock the binary secrets of programming and game development and give your middle schooler the chance to explore and create new worlds.

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Adaptive Assessments

Whether gearing up for a new school year or a big test, knowing how prepared your child is and how they can improve is crucial. Our free adaptive assessments can help with that… and quite a bit more.

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Cost-effective instruction with a personal touch.

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Meet with a handpicked tutor on our Live Learning Platform—a unique workspace that makes learning engaging for all ages.

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A smaller class means your student can benefit from more time with the instructor, and more collaboration with classmates.

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Stuck on a tricky problem? Let us know and we’ll connect you and your student with the right expert (and answers) in minutes.

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Our son’s tutor took time to understand his learning style and helped him improve his grade by 32%!

—Pinkney, Parent of an 8th Grader - Charlotte, NC