Free AP Subjects Questions of the Day

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Free AP Subjects Questions of the Day

When studying for an advanced placement test, there are many different methods that you can use. Further, depending on the subject that you are preparing for, studying for some topics can be more difficult than others. One way of preparing for an upcoming advanced placement test is to utilize Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools AP Questions of the Day.

Through this study tool, you will receive a question on a daily basis that is specifically tailored to your subject. By doing so, you will begin to think about the topic that you are studying for on a daily basis, without spending hours on each subject. This will allow you to get into a habit of thinking of your subject and keep your mind sharp every day on the topic, while at the same time keeping you from being overwhelmed by it.

Beyond that, each question is derived from the same type of questions that will be covered on your AP test. This is an important feature, as each day you will become more comfortable with answering the type of questions you will receive on test day. This can be critical depending on the type of test you are preparing to take, as some tests will use visual tools, while others are based on word problems or equations. In each instance, you have the opportunity to feel more comfortable when you are ready to take the test, because you have been working on the same types of questions on a daily basis through the Question of the Day.

When you use the Learning Tools AP Question of the Day, you will not only be able to get answers to questions, but also a number of statistics that could also help you to prepare for your test. Once you have answered the Question of the Day in your chosen subject, you will be told what the range of difficulty was for that particular question, the amount of time it took for you to answer, the percentage of others who answered the question correctly, and the percentile of others who have also answered the question. These tools are all great ways to measure your abilities against others who are looking to take the test as well. Further, these tools also can help you to keep track of your improvement in the topic as you use the Question of the Day tool, as well as show where more improvement may be needed.

Along with statistics, the Learning Tools AP Question of the Day goes even further, as each question is also followed up with an explanation of why your answer was correct or incorrect, allowing you to not only answer the question, but also get a deeper understanding of why the answer was what it was. Beyond that, many of the Questions of the Day also contain a general explanation of a concept, which allows you to read many other questions that are similar to the one you just answered. That way, if you are really having trouble with a particular subject, you can spend more time on it by reading other questions that are focused on the same concept.

The Learning Tools AP Question of the Day tool provides a number of features, statistics, and advanced learning opportunities to help you study for your AP test. By using the Question of the Day tool, you will get a daily reminder of what you need to study to accomplish your goals on test day.

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