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Question of the Day: AP Chinese

Read the following passage and answer the following questions with True or False.

Note that traditional and simplified characters are both shown.














There may not be a more difficult language to learn, study, and become fluent in than Chinese. Not only do you need to learn the terminology of the language, but you must also master the written symbols. Because of this, it can be very difficult to study for tests, such as the one given in AP Chinese. In order to do so, you may need to study these topics on a daily basis to master the terminology and writing styles you’ll need to become comfortable with the language. Further, you will most likely need a visual learning aid in order to understand the symbols. Because of these challenges, using Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools for AP Chinese can be a great addition to your study routine. The Question of the Day Learning Tool is an easy way to get a little AP Chinese review each day.

The Question of the Day allows you to get a new question each day that can help you as you prepare for your test. Along with the AP Chinese practice question, there will be several potential answers listed in a multiple-choice format. This method of questioning will be very similar to the format that will be used during the actual test, so this Learning Tool may help you become more comfortable with the format of the test. Further, the questions that you will be asked by the Question of the Day will be consistent with the concepts covered on the AP exam, allowing you to be not only more comfortable with the layout, but also more confident in the types of questions you will encounter on the test as you progress through your AP Chinese review.

Though the ability to study the Chinese language and symbols each day is the primary benefit, the Question of the Day also provides other metrics for you to help you gauge your preparedness. Along with the questions themselves, there are statistics that are provided to help you measure your abilities against other students who are also doing AP Chinese exam review. These statistics include the percentage of others who also answered the question correctly, giving you a measurement of where you stand on each question at its most basic form. Another statistic provided is the amount of time it took you to answer each question. As the AP test is a timed examination, it is important to feel comfortable about answering the question correctly and in a timely fashion, as you will have to manage your time on test day. This information can be an effective way to measure your abilities, as well as show you the areas where you should focus your AP Chinese study efforts.

Another feature that can be very helpful is the ability to read an explanation of the answer to each AP Chinese practice question. Should you be confused about a particular answer, or why an answer was correct or incorrect, you can access this explanation to more easily understand the reasoning for the answer. There are also links to relevant concepts, terms, and definitions, which allow you to get more information to include in your AP Chinese study plan. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools also include a variety of Practice Tests and Flashcards to enhance your studies. By using any of these along with the AP Chinese Question of the Day, you have an opportunity to be better prepared when test day arrives.

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