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As a student taking Advanced Placement Macroeconomics, it is important to study consistently to retain the complex information taught in the course. This is important not only to pass the AP exam but also to ensure that you understand real-world applications of the information. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers a variety of tools to help students taking AP Macroeconomics classes so that they can apply the information they have learned, and also get daily test practice.

Daily test review is very important for a complex subject like Macroeconomics. It is important to learn the basic principles of output, inflation, and unemployment. Students must learn how these core concepts, and many more, apply to real situations. The Question of the Day is a quick, free AP Macroeconomics practice question pulled from hundreds of typical AP test questions. Using test questions that emulate the types of questions asked on the actual exam helps students not only review AP Macroeconomics concepts but learn the flow of the exam overall.

The Question of the Day is one of the great tools which can help you prepare for the AP Macroeconomics test. This online tool proposes one question each day, testing your knowledge of applied macroeconomics theories. However, the Question of the Day does not simply tell you whether your answer was right or wrong. The tool also measures how many questions you have answered correctly, and how many you have answered wrong, over a given period of time. It gives you a chart comparing your percentage of correct answers to others, and also tracks how much time you took to answer the question. This last piece can be very important for AP exam takers. The AP Macroeconomics exam has two parts, and the first section is multiple-choice, much like the Questions of the Day. The multiple-choice section of the AP Macroeconomics exam is timed – exam takers have up to 70 minutes to answer the 60 total questions. By timing your ability to answer questions through the Question of the Day for Macroeconomics, you can perfect the speed of your responses along with your familiarity with the material.

Best of all, the Question of the Day explains the correct answer to the test question. This helps you, especially in complex subjects like AP Macroeconomics, examine where they went wrong with your answer, and learn the correct application of mathematics or philosophy to the problem. With the help of an explanation, you not only know which areas of macroeconomics you should study harder, but you have the solution presented so that you can review how you went wrong.

Maintaining a consistent level of study, especially in AP classes like Macroeconomics, prevents you from feeling burnt out after cramming for a test. This method of studying also means you retain information longer, and understand better how to apply this complex subject to reality. Since the second half of the AP Macroeconomics exam is free response, you should be able to explain your reasoning, not just guess the right answer to a question quickly. The Question of the Day gives AP Macroeconomics is one of several Learning Tools available to help you put together and execute a great study plan.

Question of the Day: AP Macroeconomics

Use the following diagram to answer the question below


Which of the following points represents the best production outcome for an economy looking for long-term, sustainable growth?  

Both  and  would be equally suitable as they represent points of productive efficiency for the economy

There is insufficient information to answer the question

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