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Question of the Day: AP US History

Cotton Mather was a Boston minister who followed in the footsteps of his father, Increase Mather, serving as the pastor of Boston’s Old North Church and then the Second Church. He was a steadfast defender of the Puritan orthodoxy to the extent that he persuaded Elihu Yale, a London merchant and Anglican, to endow Yale University in 1703 as the training ground for Puritanism. Mather believed that Harvard University had become too liberal to suit his Puritan beliefs and decided a new educational base for Puritan training was needed. Mather also denounced witchcraft, a belief he would recant after reviewing the records of the Salem trials. Later in his life, he deviated further from condemning witchcraft when he encouraged his congregation to forgo any belief in the supernatural. He wrote prolifically during his lifetime. His writings were varied. He wrote on social, political and religious issues. He also wrote on the “New Sciences” and medical theories. Many of his writings were controversial for his time. Nonetheless, his writings are considered the best of early Enlightenment thinking in Colonial America.

Which of the following topics of Mather’s writings are noted for leading to extensive discussion, controversy, and change in New England thinking?

the continuing power of the King of England in the colonies

immunization against smallpox

the need for liberty from England in America

The creation of universities in all of the colonies to maintain Puritan ideas

societal changes to allow more freedom to women

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