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Question of the Day: AP European History

Which of these territories came under French control in the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries?

I. Algeria

II. Egypt

III. Sudan

IV. Tunisia

V. Morocco


I, II, and III.

I only.

I, IV, and V.

IV only.

II and III.

AP European History is one of the broadest subjects you may encounter during your studies. Between the large number of countries, the vast amount of conflict, the monarchies of each country, and the evolution of the continent as a whole, reviewing for the AP European History examination can seem like an intimidating task. In order to be prepared for your test, you will have to find a number of effective ways to study that cover all of the topics that may be found on the AP exam. One way you can enhance your AP European History review is by utilizing Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools for AP European History. The Question of the Day is a great way to get into the habit of studying a little bit each day.

The AP European History Question of the Day can be an effective way to enhance your review of the type of information that may appear on your upcoming test. At the same time, it can help you create a study routine that you can stick to as you move forward toward the test. The AP European History sample questions that you will receive each day will be multiple-choice questions, which allow you to visualize each answer before you select your choice. Once you have made your choice, you will see the correct answer, as well as a detailed explanation of the answer. If you got the question wrong, the explanation may help you to understand the process to obtain the correct answer. This is a great opportunity to review, and the explanation is so thorough it can be included in your study plan.

Along with the concept-specific information provided by the Question of the Day, there are also a number of statistics that may help you to improve your test-taking skills. One of these statistics is the difficulty level of the question. If you find that you are struggling to correctly answer questions that are easier, it may signal that you need more study in that particular area or concept. However, if you’re consistently answering more difficult questions easily, you may want to move onto another topic you haven’t mastered quite yet. Another statistic shown is the number of people who correctly answered each question. As simple as it may seem, knowing that you are correctly answering questions that others are not can help you shape your AP European History study plan.

European History is a deep and substantive subject. Doing well on the end-of-the-year exam requires efficient daily preparation and the ability to remember the information. With the help of Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools, you can get a quick daily AP European History review using the Question of the Day. By following your progress with the detailed statistical information on the results page, you can create your own custom study plan to follow as you prepare. When you form a daily study routine using the Question of the Day, you can feel confident as you work toward improving your skills each day.

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