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You can use the AP Psychology Question of the Day to get into the habit of thinking about Psychology content on a daily basis when studying for the AP exam. Varsity Tutors' AP Psychology Questions of the Day are drawn from each topic and question type covered on the AP Psychology exam.

Question of the Day: AP Psychology

What is the cocktail party effect?

Eating more food when presented with "cocktail party" sized silverware, as opposed to traditional silverware

Developing a unique elevator pitch to multiple employers

Being able to listen to one voice amidst other voices and distractions

Rating people as more attractive in social settings

Being able to manage multiple conversations at once

AP Psychology allows students like you to take a college-level psychology course to pursue a career path as a psychologist or psychiatrist. This course covers 14 topics relevant to the history and modern practice of psychology, including scientific methods used in psychological studies, vocabulary words, theories of the mind and brain, and more. As an AP Psychology student, you want to excel in your studies and receive college credit for your hard work. This can lead to worry about the AP exam. Fortunately, Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools are here for you with the Question of the Day. 

Do you know which new practices and which new terms come from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSM-V), which is the new version of the psychology manual? By using the Question of the Day, one of the many great, free tools offered in the Learning Tools, you’ll become very familiar with referencing the DSM-V and other psychological terms and theories quickly, in a limited amount of time. The Question of the Day updates every day of the week, giving you brand new, unfamiliar questions to help you thoroughly prepare for the exam through daily test preparation.

The Question of the Day is timed, just like both sections of the AP Psychology Exam. Daily test review helps you become more familiar with multiple-choice questions and vocabulary words, but the Learning Tools Question of the Day helps you become familiar with giving a speedy, accurate answer to these questions. Because the Question of the Day times how long you think about the question before you answer, you are able to track your time and narrow down your answers and knowledge to finish the exam with time to spare. The first part of the AP Psychology exam is 100 questions, but you will only have 70 minutes to answer all of these! That means you have to spot the right answer efficiently.

The Question of the Day does not just offer great, free AP Psychology practice. You can also use this tool to compare your answers over time. Although each question will be unique, you’ll be able to track which areas of the subject you understand better than others, which helps you focus your study time around information you don’t yet fully understand. You’ll also be able to compare your answers to the national average of answers, so you can see how well other students in other AP Psychology classes did when they answered the question. Better still, you can scroll down and see a detailed explanation of the correct answer. Whether you got the answer right or wrong, the Question of the Day summary will explain what the correct answer is in detail, to help you study more effectively.

Questions of the Day update every day, offering great AP Psychology test review for students all over the country. Check out the other helpful Learning Tools as well, such as flashcards or Learn by Concept, and incorporate them into your study plan in preparation for your AP Psychology exam.


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