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I have developed a strong interest in tutoring over the years due to my desire to teach and help people succeed. I began tutoring throughout high school, helping many students in calculus, chemistry, and English. After entering undergrad as a Chemistry major, I continued tutoring in another form, volunteering to help elementary, middle, and high school age students. These experiences range from tutoring one-on-one to as many as 5 students in a group during STEM summer camp, InnoWorks. I have also worked intimately with Bootup Baltimore, an organization that serves to increase basic computer literacy in Baltimore City by providing classes to both elementary/middle age students to adults. While obtaining my BA at Johns Hopkins University, I also worked as a study consultant for the school, helping students in a more robust system by passing along not only the knowledge of the subject itself but also the knowledge of my experiences. The opportunity was dear to me and spawned some of my favorite students. Since graduation, I have continued to privately tutor in a variety of subjects both in-person and online.

The subjects I most often tutor are math (calc, trig, geometry, pre-calc, alg 1&2, lin alg), chemistry (inorganic, physical, orgo), biology (biochem, cell bio), physics (kinematics, E&M), and neuroscience etc. I am well-versed in the material, and I have tutored sessions in the subjects with students ranging from high school to college age. In addition, I have a background as a psychology minor in university, and I greatly enjoy passing along my knowledge in the area. I have also worked with the subjects in both a standardized testing setting and classroom setting. There is often a different way to tackle the two situations, and I tailor my approach to the sessions accordingly.

In my free time, I also greatly enjoy writing and editing. As such, one of large parts of my life during undergrad was Epidemic Proportions, the Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Public Health Research Journal. It was very rewarding to put together a journal after gathering articles from students and professors, and for the issue each year, it involved a lot of planning and teamwork. In addition, I enjoy working with technology, and recently, I have started to try my hand at building computers.

Undergraduate Degree:

Johns Hopkins University - Bachelors, Chemistry

SAT Composite: 2300

SAT Math: 800

SAT Verbal: 750

SAT Writing: 750

MCAT: 36

reading, writing, building computers, playing basketball, playing piano and violin

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High School Biology

High School Chemistry

High School English

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What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is that learning can be broken down into smaller steps and goals. Knowledge is based off of previous knowledge, and it is very important to know the basics. Once the basics come naturally, the rest will be easier. Small goals are important too for preventing frustration. By setting guidelines to meet in small steps, students will feel less pressure and anxiety, leading to a better learning outcome in the end.