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Question of the Day: NCLEX-PN

A nurse checks the lithium level of a 28-year-old patient that has been prescribed lithium citrate and sees the level is 1.5 mEq/L, and verifies that the patient has not taken more than the prescribed medication. The nurse advises the client to:

Drink 4 glasses of water a day

Eat salty foods

Eat more red meat

Exercise more often

If you are a nursing professional and you want to focus your skills on becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), then you must take the NCLEX-PN test. LPNs work under the direction of registered nurses in a variety of settings from hospitals to nursing homes to patients’ houses, so LPNs must have a wealth of knowledge about patient safety, drug interactions, mobility issues, and more. Healthcare is a growing field, with a greater demand for LPNs, but it is also important that LPNs like you prove that they have the knowledge to work in this setting. If you are preparing to take your NCLEX-PN exam, Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools like Question of the Day can help you study.

Daily test practice is very important when you must take a difficult exam like the NCLEX-LP. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing, or NCSBN, oversees the standardization of the NCLEX for Licensed Practical Nurses. This helps ensure that each nursing professional understands the expectations of LPNs, and that LPNs meet specific standards. Whether you seek to become a professional LPN, or need the certification to continue your nursing education, you must prepare for the NCLEX-PN very thoroughly. Learning Tools NCLEX-PN Question of the Day is one of the great tools that can help you.

NCLEX-PN Question of the Day is a great way to prepare for this exam. This multiple-choice question updates with a brand new question every day of the week, so that you can get used to answering unfamiliar questions. These questions are also based on previous NCLEX-PN tests, so you will become familiar with the format of the exam. You can use several tools on the answer page to help you with daily test review, as well.

One of these tools is a timer. This timer feature does not force you to answer NCLEX-PN Question of the Day in a specific amount of time, but instead shows you how long you take to answer the question. As you become more familiar with the material, you will need less time to answer the question correctly. You can discover which questions are harder for you, as well, because you take longer to answer them, and that can guide your NCLEX-PN test review. And, because this certification exam has a time limit, you can use the timer to get used to the pressure of answering correctly in a very short time span.

As you answer Question of the Day every day, you can chart your progress using the graphs on the answer page. You can watch yourself improve over time, and discover which subject areas are more difficult for you. You can also compare your answers overall to those of other students studying for the NCLEX-PN certification, if you like a little healthy competition.

Scrolling down the answer page, you can find a detailed description of the correct answer. Regardless of whether or not you answered Question of the Day correctly, this explanation can offer new insight into the right answer, which helps you with similar questions.

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