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We are on this earth to learn, and to use what we learn to serve others. If you’re not doing these two things, you’re not living the full, rich life you deserve.

I got my undergraduate degree from U.C. Santa Cruz. A few years later I was in Rome, Italy with a Cambridge RSA certificate, teaching English as a Foreign language.

I’ve had a lot of other odd jobs that involved writing and teaching. Eventually I got a teaching credential in science: biology because this was the subject closest to my B.A.

I tutor all the natural sciences, as well as English/ESL. My favorite subjects to tutor will always be Italian, science, and writing. Italian is close to my heart because of the years I lived in Italy. But science is the most fun to tutor, because you will usually get to build things, or at least draw some cool diagrams.

I also love to teach writing because it’s so much fun to see the look on a student’s face when he or she realizes how easy it is. I had an amazing English teacher in high school who taught me a few simple formulas for writing. His shortcuts got me through an A.P. History exam, and they helped me all the way through college. I can teach them to you in an hour.

If you master a few rules and get enough practice, you can become a strong writer.

How you learn is a very personal process. Everyone is unique, and everyone has a unique way of learning.

One of the reasons I left my teaching position was frustration over the “one-size-fits-all” style that’s forced on us in school.

If you’re seeking a tutor, you probably prefer not to learn through the single “listen and read” technique that is the basis of most of our educational system. I want to help you learn in your own way.

Outside of academia, I’m interested in biking, travel, the environment, and entrepreneurship. I’ve volunteered for the state parks, Tree People, and similar organizations. Over the course of my life, I’ve probably traveled more miles on a bike than I’ve driven.

I once followed the route of an ancient Roman road, the Appian Way, across half of Italy on a bike. It took me almost 2 weeks and I’m writing a book about it.

I’ve also started a few home businesses, and lately I’ve been reading a lot of books on sales and marketing. At the moment I’m helping a real estate agent with his marketing, but some day I would like to run a bike touring company in Italy.

Undergraduate Degree:

 UC Santa Cruz - Bachelors, Environmental Studies

Anatomy & Physiology

College Biology

Conversational Italian


High School Biology

High School Chemistry

High School English

High School Writing

Life Sciences

Middle School Science

Middle School Writing