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Question of the Day: Trigonometry

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Trigonometry is often lumped in with algebra into some form of precalculus; however, the course material of this subject provides a different mathematical path. In this branch, you deal with the angles and sides of triangles, along with the functions relevant to angles in general. With Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools, you can gain free access to study materials that can enhance the information you are learning in class. Through proper preparation, you can ensure early success in coursework, which can help your performance in testing. You can answer the Question of the Day in various concepts to practice your skills on random problems. Further, you can assess your preparation through practice tests.

The Question of the Day is extracted from vast amounts of Trigonometry material. The daily question offers random daily test review to enable you the chance to practice your skills without real preparation. From there, you can determine your level of knowledge in that concept to some degree, and decide if you should use other Learning Tools to study it further. Some students use the tool to choose their area of study for their upcoming sessions, some use it to practice a specific concept, while others use it finish up their study session for the day. You can use it in any way that works best for you!

Trigonometry covers a number of topics relevant to angles. You may see questions that cover angles of various quadrants, as well as coterminal, supplementary, and complementary angles. In addition, you’ll be quizzed on the laws of sines and cosines, trigonometric applications to right angles, identifying and proportions of similar triangles, and solving triangles. You will need an understanding of trigonometric equations, roots, and formulas, and be able to factor, and set them up. You can practice trigonometric graphs, phase shifts, definitional identities, halved angles, squared trigonometric function, Pythagorean identities, trigonometric operations, and radians. These are all important aspects to your skills in the coursework, and practice is one of the best ways to improve.

You get the chance for flexible test practice on a daily basis through the random Question of the Day. It times you to allow you to see how long you take on certain questions, which can help you to cut down on time for the timed exams you might face. The tool provides additional information as well, such as your percentile and a thorough explanation of the problem. You can use it to identify concepts that you may need to work more on, as well as to quickly review a concept before a test.

You can use these alongside other Learning Tools to provide a combination of practice and coursework support. Learn by Concept allows you to review various concepts through the use of an interactive syllabus. Flashcards are great for quickly reviewing a concept, either before a test or alongside learning new information, and you can even make your own! When combined, these tools can make for an excellent study program that enhances your overall learning.

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