Test: LSAT Logic Games

A group of seven friends-- F, G, H, I, J, K, L-- are going sky-diving. For safety reasons, only one person can jump from the plane at a time, unless they are doing a tandem jump with an instructor. In that case, exactly one friend and one instructor jumps from the plane together. The friends jump in an order that conforms to the following conditions:

Exactly one friend jumps from the plane between the times when H and L and jump from the plane. 

F jumps from the plane at some point before K.

J jumps from the plane at some point before L.

G jumps from the plane either second or fifth.

If I jumps from the plane after G, then L jumps from the plane after F.

If a friend does a tandem jump with an instructor, that friend must jump from the plane after any and all of the friends who are not jumping with an instructor.


Which of the following is a valid order of how the friends exited from the plane? 

J, G, H, I, F, L, K 

J, G, H, I, L, F, K

I, F, J, K, L, G, H

F, J, K, L, G, H, I

H, F, L, J, G, I, K

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