Free HSPT Questions of the Day

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Free HSPT Questions of the Day

Preparing for any standardized test can be very intimidating, and preparing for the HSPT or High School Placement Test, is no exception. However, utilizing the daily test practice Learning Tool of HSPT Question of the Day can help to break the exam preparation down to be less overwhelming and more manageable by making it a daily habit.

The HSPT Question of the Day is a daily test review that allows you to access the Question of the Day for four of the testing areas on the HSPT from one spot. From there, you can quickly and easily answer the Question of the Day for HSPT Verbal, HSPT Quantitative, HSPT Reading, and HSPT Math. The Question of the Day for each subject is a randomized question from the commonly asked questions of that test subject. You can also download the application, which makes learning on the go easy and convenient. You can access the Question of the Day anywhere you have Internet access. The Question of the Day can also be emailed to you if you need the help of the reminder.

One of the best features of the Question of the Day are the detailed reports that are generated after answering each question. It provides a summary of performance with a percentage of correct and incorrect answers, as well as how long it took you to answer each question and the average time others took to answer. If you happen to answer a question incorrectly, a full explanation of the correct answer is detailed, therefore, you can review these explanations to better understand that topic, or see where you went wrong with your answer. It is also helpful to review the explanations even when answered correctly to ensure that your methodologies are correct and that there is a complete understanding of the material. And if you want to know how others answered the Question of the Day each day for each subject, it breaks down the percentage of those who answered incorrectly or correctly. These detailed explanations and reports help you to understand where your weaknesses are and help you to determine what areas you need to work on specifically.

Another great feature of this daily test practice is that you can combine the Question of the Day with the other free Learning Tools, such as Full-Length Practice Tests, Flashcards, Learn by Concept, and shorter topic-focused Practice Tests. This allows you to create a comprehensive test review program, which can be personalized to your needs. After you have determined the areas that need additional attention through the Question of the Day, you can then break down each of the general subjects into the specific topics that need additional attention. Whether it be math or reading, you can cover the specific subject more in-depth.

The HSPT Question of the Day is a free practice that creates a daily habit of study and test review, rather than cramming right before the exam. This makes concept learning more manageable, and helps to create a greater understanding of the material of each subject and combined with the other Learning Tools, helps with successful test review.

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