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I began tutoring my senior year of my undergraduate degree. I earned a B.S. in Marine Biology from the California State University of Long Beach. I have always been passionate about science, especially subjects relating to biology. It is highly rewarding to share my excitement for science with others and to hopefully make them excited about learning as well. After I graduated, I came right back to CSULB for my M.S. in Biology, which will be completed by the coming spring. I am studying the stress response in English sole near a wastewater outfall site and at other sites away from the outfall. I am analyzing the cortisol hormone and the contaminants found in the fish liver to test for relationships between the two. During graduate school I have tutored for various colleges and organizations, and I became a teaching associate for human biology at CSULB. Combined, I have over 4 years of tutoring and teaching experience.
Throughout these experiences, I have discovered that I would like to make teaching others my career. This semester I have started taking the prerequisite classes for a single subject teaching credential. My goal is to become a high school science teacher and start more advanced biology, marine biology, and human biology programs at a school that currently does not offer these. I would also like to teach one or two classes in the evenings at a community college. If I become that whacky science teacher that students have fond memories of, and look back and say, ‘I learned something in that class’ then I have accomplished my goal.
Aside from my academic interests, I have other hobbies. I am an avid swimmer, I swam competitively throughout high school and still get up early at least four days a week hop in a pool and get a workout in. When I have more time, I also enjoy surfing and bodyboarding. I volunteer as a deckhand from time to time on a dive boat, and am currently working on my master diver certification. I try and travel as much as my schedule and funds allow, and have visited many of the national and state parks located in California. I have also been to several other states, and look forward to exploring more in the coming future.

Undergraduate Degree:

 California State University-Long Beach - Bachelors, Marine Biology

Graduate Degree:

 California State University-Long Beach - Current Grad Student, Biology

Academic Interests: Marine Biology, Endocrinology, and Toxicology. Hobbies: Swimming, surfing, and scuba diving.

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How do you adapt your tutoring to the student's needs?

I first identify what areas they are struggling with, whether it is the content of the course, staying focused, creating efficient study habits, or managing their academic schedule with their other schedules. I then orient the tutoring session to focus on the areas that they are struggling in. I also make sure they are engaged throughout the entire session, and will change tactics if the student is not comprehending what we are reviewing or if they appear to have lost interest. I make sure the pace is appropriate for each individual; not all students progress at the same rate. Some students may also require more encouragement than others, so I pay close attention to how each student reacts throughout the tutoring session and provide positive motivation as needed.