Test: New SAT Writing and Language


[1] The first video game was created in a lab by scientists in the early 1950s. [2] British professor A. S. Douglas created a virtual tic-tac-toe as part of his doctoral dissertation in 1952. [3] Later, in 1958, William Higinbotham created “Tennis for Two” on a very large computer, completely different from what we are used to today. [4] In 1967, the first multiplayer game that could be played on a television was created, called “The Brown Box.” [5] In 1962, Steve Russell created “Spacewar!” which was a computer-based combat game.

For the sake of the logic of the passage, sentence 5 should be placed

After sentence 2

Where it is now

After sentence 1

After sentence 3

1/8 questions


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