NCLEX : Cardiovascular Condition Follow-Up

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Example Questions

Example Question #21 : Cardiovascular Conditions

The nurse instructs the client to do which of the following to prevent dislodgment of the pacing catheter after insertion of a permanent demand pacemaker via the right subclavian vein has been made?
Possible Answers:
Do active range-of-motion exercises with right arm
Limit movement and abduction of right arm
Ask for help in getting out of bed and use walker to ambulate
Limit movement and abduction of left arm
Correct answer: Limit movement and abduction of right arm
Explanation: The nurse should instruct the patient to limit movement and abduction of right arm. The muscles and movement of the right arm most directly effect the placement of the pacing catheter.

Example Question #1263 : Nclex

A 57-year-old female presents to the clinic after newly diagnosed with stage one hypertension. The nurse is responsible for teaching this client about the condition. 

The nurse should include what information in teaching this client about her medications?

Possible Answers:

"You should measure your blood pressure several times daily to ensure the effectiveness of prescribed medications."

"If side effects of medications arise, take stop taking the medication immediately."

"The most optimal time to take medications is after a warm bath or exercise because blood pressure will be highest at these times."

"It is necessary to completely eliminate sodium from the diet as it may interfere with your prescribed medication."

"Hypertension is a chronic condition, and cannot be cured but controlled with medication, diet, and exercise."

Correct answer:

"Hypertension is a chronic condition, and cannot be cured but controlled with medication, diet, and exercise."


Hypertension is an incurable condition, and can be controlled by various interventions. Sodium should be redced but not eliminated, and blood pressure taken by the patient should be performed once daily then weekly after blood pressure has stabilized. Patient should be encouraged to report serious side effects to the physician before stopping the medications. Optimal times to take medications are on a regular basis, not after warm baths, alcohol ingestion, or strenous exercise. 

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