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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Geometry

What coordinate point is the green triangle on? 

Screen shot 2015 07 29 at 4.25.25 pm

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To find the location on a coordinate plane we first look at the -axis, which runs horizontal and then the -axis, which runs vertical. We write the point on the -axis first, followed by the point on the -axis. 

The green triangle is over  on the -axis and up  on the -axis. 

Example Question #2 : Geometry

Starting at the coordinate point shown below, if you move up  and to the right , what is your new point? 

Screen shot 2015 07 30 at 8.51.14 am

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The starting point is at . When we move up or down we are moving along the -axis. When we move to the right or left we are moving along the -axis. 

Moving up the -axis and moving right on the -axis means addition. 

Moving down the -axis and moving left on the axis means subtraction. 

Because we are moving up , we can add  to our  coordinate point and because we are moving to the right  we can add  to our coordinate point. 

Example Question #3 : Geometry

What other shape can a parallelogram be classified as? 

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A parallelogram can not be classified as a square because a square has to have  equal sides, but a parallelogram can have two different side lengths, as long as the opposite side lengths are equal. 

A parallelogram can not be classified as a rectangle because a rectangle has to have  angles, and a parallelogram does not. 

A parallelogram can not be classified as a triangle because a parallelogram has to have  sides and a triangle only has  sides. 

A parallelogram has four sides, and all shapes with four sides are quadrilaterals. 

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