ISEE Primary 3 Math : Measurement

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Isee Primary 3 Math

Which would make the most sense to use if we were going to measure a bug?

Possible Answers:

Meter stick 



Measuring tape

Correct answer:



You would use a ruler to measure a bug because a bug is most likely smaller than  inches, which is the size of a ruler. All of the other tools would be used to measure much larger objects. 

Example Question #2 : Isee Primary 3 Math

What time does the clock show? 

4 55

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


When the hour hand (the shorter hand) points to a number on the clock, or is just past the number before it gets to the next number, we say that number as the hour. When the minute hand (the longer hand) points to a number on the clock we don't say that exact number. 

Look at the clock below. For the minute hand, we count by s. 

4 55 2

This clock is showing  for the hour (it is past the number  but not at the  yet) and the minute hand is pointing at the , which means  minutes. 

Our time is 

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