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My name is Jasmine and I am extremely passionate about tutoring students math. I am currently enrolled part-time in a graduate program pursing a Master's in Social Work. I am also looking for an opportunity to tutor students having difficulty in some areas related to basic math though Algebra. I understand that the problems are sometimes intimidating, but I like to teach my students that the problem consist of words and numbers; therefore if they understand basic numbers and words, they can solve the problem. I like to apply problems to real life situations. I first found my love for math in the 5th grade. My interest in math grew in the 6th grade and continued through high school. In high is when it was confirmed math was my favorite subject. I enjoyed the fact that math builds. I love the fact that knowing the basics, I can solve the problem without a calculator. I solve math problems like puzzles, I consider it brain exercise and I believe that if I want a strong and healthy mind I must exercise my brain. Next, I enjoy teaching students and watching them grow. I like learning from the student because sometimes the student knows more than they think they know they just need someone to point it out for them. I was taught and I believe that education and knowledge is one thing that cannot be taken away from an individual; therefore to teach my students confidence and encourage them to learn I share this knowledge with them.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Nevada-Las Vegas - Bachelors, Social Work

Graduate Degree:

 University of Southern California - Current Grad Student, Social Work

outdoors, family time, listening to music, watching drama/action and suspence

Elementary School Math