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When it comes to academics, I don’t think we ever stop learning in our lifetimes — especially when studying subjects like literature, which offer an infinite amount of ways to think about the world. That’s what I find so fascinating about the subject — that each piece of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, is a different lens in which to see what’s around you. And this idea is what keeps me hooked on good books, compelling writing, and words that truly move me. I only hope the people I tutor will get hooked, too!

Undergraduate Degree:

 College of William and Mary - Bachelors, English

Rock Climbing, Basketball, Hiking, Backpacking, Journalism, Sailing, Traveling

American Literature

College Application Essays

College English

College Level American Literature

High School English

High School Level American Literature

High School Writing

Middle School Reading

Middle School Reading Comprehension

Middle School Writing