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I attended college at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It's my first step towards higher education in the field of Psychology. I had a lot of experience with mathematics prior to pursuing that degree, so even afterwards, I'm trying to stay in the scientific side of Psychology and do research. I was name-dropped by one of my professors as a good candidate to be a math tutor at my college, and I was thrilled to get that opportunity. I enjoyed helping people with their studies, but I never thought that I was actually capable of making a career of it.

So I worked with college students of all ages and backgrounds, some barely 18 and some over the age of 60. I had no idea how many people came from various countries just to attend college at my university. I really enjoyed working across a variety of topics, but I prided myself in aiding people who were still uncertain about their relationship with math. By the time students are in Calculus, they typically enjoy math altogether. It was the students who lacked confidence that I had the greatest pleasure to work with. I know with unquestioning certainty that they are capable of excelling in Mathematics and to bring out that potential was my reward.

My personal hobbies include playing the piano, hydroponic gardening, and some video game programming.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Colorado Colorado Springs - Bachelors, Psychology

ACT Composite: 30

ACT Math: 35

ACT Reading: 32

ACT Science: 31

AP Calculus AB: 5

Piano, Hydroponics, Story, Tutoring, Programming