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Muhammad Salik

My approach to tutoring is flexible and adjusted for every students learning style so to have maximum effectiveness. I can adapt and modify it to meet the individual needs of my students and their areas of weakness. I tutor a variety of subjects, which includes AP Exams, Calculus, Algebra, Physics, Statistics, Differential Equations, General Chemistry, and K-12 Math and Science, as well as a list of standardized tests, ranging from ACT and SAT for high school students as well as AP Exams and AP Subject Tests. I try to maintain the interest of my students by making learning both enjoyable and interesting.

I have been tutoring for 6 + years as an K-12th grade tutor as well as college. I have tutored for AP exams, SAT, ACT, and PSAT with great results with 98th percentile grades from my students in the Math and Reading section of the SAT & ACT.

As an Electrical Engineering major, I had to be very grounded in math subjects, my mathematics foundation and applications allow me to be a very versatile tutor, breaking down the subject into easy to understand modules. As a result, I am very comfortable and confident in not only tutoring them but doing so at a level and style that students can readily follow and understand. I have taken higher level math courses and understand the fundamentals very well so it allows me to teach them in a way that is basic enough for anyone to understand.

Everyone learns in a different way, so each student you teach is different each with their own strengths and weaknesses so tailoring the learning experience to each student is the best way to help the student learn in their own way.

Math is easy it is just taught in a way students have difficulty learning, everyone does not think the same but I have a variety of methods to help anyone understand. Having a strong math foundation will help not only in your classes but in life as everything includes math.

Undergraduate Degree:

 The University of Texas at Dallas - Current Undergrad, Electrical Engineering

ACT English: 30

ACT Reading: 32

ACT Science: 31

SAT Math: 720

SAT Verbal: 740

AP Biology: 4

AP Calculus BC: 4

AP English Literature: 5

AP US History: 5

AP World History: 5

AP Art History: 4

AP Psychology: 4

Football, Basketball, Soccer, Video Games, Reading, Astronomy, Cars

AP Art History


Business Statistics

College Business

College Computer Science

College Economics

College Level American History

Discrete Math

Electrical and Computer Engineering

High School Business

High School Computer Science

High School Economics

High School Level American History

Homework Support



Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization


Technology and Computer Science