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As a former long-time teacher of both French and Spanish, I believe every person can learn a foreign language. I have taught all levels, from preschoolers through adult language learners in college, and have a wide variety of techniques and resources at my disposal to help students master skills and concepts. For me, it's the relationships I form with my students that matter the most; I like to build lessons around my students' needs and interests to keep them engaged in the lessons and to show them how they can use their new language for self-expression and in everyday life. I have several philosophies I follow when working with students: I stress focusing on strengths instead of concentrating on weaknesses, rewarding the effort instead of the outcome, and sticking by my students by being their biggest cheerleader.
I was very fortunate to graduate with an MA in French and a BS in Foreign Language Education from UW-Madison. During my graduate work I met my husband, then a graduate student in French, and we've had a wonderful life speaking French at home, traveling to French-speaking countries and raising our daughter bilingual French-English. As I am also a former Spanish teacher, living in Texas is like a dream - it's so easy to speak and learn Spanish in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (although I hear quite a bit of French here, too!) Any French or Spanish students are bound to find ample opportunities to practice their new language skills.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Wisconsin-Madison - Bachelors, Foreign Language Education 6-12

Conversational French

French 1

Spanish 1

Study Skills and Organization